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Synchronous Learning: One “Use Case” For Real Patient Video

When I started using real patient video to teach paramedic and medical students 17 years ago, it was in response to an education need that seemed obvious. Back then, the tools I was offered at Yale were PowerPoint lectures, “chalk talks” which really meant hand waving and lecturing “to” the students/learners. We have identified 7 […]

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Featured Case of the Month

Our featured free access case of the month was created by Dr. David Abrams, a well established internal medicine physician who is part of the clinical teaching faculty at USC School of Medicine. You can access the case here: Providing patient-centered care to the elder population requires a special relationship between physician and patient.  This […]

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Active Learning Using Video Content

The more we hear from our educational subscribers about the way they are combating changing learner trends, what becomes unbelievably apparent is how they rely on active learning strategies to better engage students. These can range from student lead discussions, to Socratic questioning, to breakout groups and countless others. While many have cited multimedia as […]

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ReelDx Live Events

  This coming Monday at 3 PM EST, we are thrilled to host panelists Zehra Ahmed (Chair of NYIT Physician Assistant Studies) and Bill Blazey (Assistant Dean of the Osteopathic School at NYIT). They both are part of a larger global health program at NYIT. Join us as we present a case from our developing […]

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ReelDx 2.0 – a new Platform reflecting the Future of Healthcare Education

This has been an exciting year of growth with the release of ReelDx Version 2.0 Here are some of the new features: Educator control of the learning experience Improved search and sort functionality Enhanced layout to facilitate use of cases in a lecture setting  We believe the future of medical education relies upon case based, asynchronous, […]

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Case of the Week: The case of a child with inattention

This case was created in a pediatric clinic by a pediatrician. Some teaching points to consider: 1. Inattention is not always “ADD” or attention deficit disorder. 2. This is a fantastic pediatric exam technique that lead to a Dx.

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