ReelDx Case Contributor Benefits


Your effort to capture the real patient experience will help the next generation of healthcare professionals gain insight and confidence faster than ever. In addition to receiving a free ReelDx account, being a Case Contributor will also allow you to;

Add Publishing Credits to your CV

Your cases can be considered academical publishing. We provide you formatted links you can copy and paste from your Case Contributor profile page.

See the Impact of Your Work

Each case is published with a message board for faculty to ask questions, provide feedback, and describe their usage of the case with students. This is an excellent way for you to engage with faculty who use your cases.

Gain Visibility for Your Cases

You will have opportunities to present your case in a live webinar setting through the ReelDx Classroom series. If you are interested in this, please let us know and we’ll schedule you in!

Be a Part of a Community

We host monthly meetings for contributors to socialize and discuss best practices, opportunities to help improve our processes and the quality of our product, and lots of partnerships that can extend your reach.

You can view our current list of case contributors here.

How to Become a Case Contributor

Before you can get started as a ReelDx Case Contributor, there are a few steps that will need to be completed.

  1. The entity that owns your clinical environment needs to sign the ReelDx license agreement. This means that we’ll need your help meeting and coordinating with the appropriate people within your organization to make this happen.

  2. ReelDx will train you on our patient consent process to ensure that cases are captured in accordance with HIPAA standards.

  3. We’ll get you set up with a ReelDx account that allows you to manage your Case Contributor profile page and see how your cases are being used.

  4. We need to coordinate with you about your technology and the steps for creating and uploading the videos, filling out the case details, and providing some editorial commentary about the case.

Contact Us to Become a Case Contributor