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Live Event Webinar June 29th 9am PST/Noon EST: Opioid Overdose with Respiratory Arrest


We are thrilled to host another live webinar event this June featuring one of our best teaching cases, ever. This film was created by […]

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ReelDx Live Event: Adult Patient with Altered Mental Status


We were fortunate to host Dr. Chris Moore, Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine at Yale University this past month to discuss a […]

Case Study: Briar Cliff University


Briar Cliff University, located in Sioux City, Iowa, is an institution with a rich Catholic heritage and a strong tradition of […]

Case Study: Western Carolina University

Use Cases

Western Carolina University’s main campus is located in Cullowhee, NC, just over 50 miles west of Asheville.  The first Baccalaureate […]

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Live Webinar: Assessing Pediatric Pain


Later this month we will be discussing the assessment of pain in the pediatric patient. This is an important topic, as many children […]

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Case of the Month


Our case of the month features one of our first cases ever published by Dr. David Peltzer, a rural family physician from Newton, North […]

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