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Video Diagnosis: A Brief History

What we do and who we are

Welcome to ReelDx! We create exam-room videos of actual, unscripted interactions between patients and their diagnosing physicians. You, the ReelDx subscriber, will have access to a searchable library of these video case studies, so you can study the techniques of real-world diagnosis, while expanding your scope of disease expertise every time you click Play.

Using peer-reviewed, real patient videos as an educational tool will sound revolutionary to a lot of people, because it is. But it’s nothing new to ReelDx cofounder David Spiro, who pioneered the use of video diagnosis as a teaching aid over the past decade. He’s worked with people like you—med students, nurses, doctors, and other clinical practitioners—around the world to continuously improve the process of creating these videos.

The delivery of evidence-based medical content online is nothing new to cofounder Bill Kelly either. His resume is impressive—founding companies like Sapient Health Network (now part of WebMD) and—but he’s not just an inveterate entrepreneur; at his core he’s a passionate advocate for the power of online health communities, for layperson and clinician alike.

How we got here

Shortly after meeting, David and Bill agreed that most students and practitioners don’t get enough peer-to-peer observation in their diagnostic training, yet that’s where the richest learning happens. Thus, a start-up was born. Between the two of them, our topnotch medical board and talented producer, ReelDx is in great shape, road-ready for your educational and professional development. But it can get even better, and that’s where you come in.

Jump in!

We’d love your input and participation. You and your peers can make the site better for everyone by commenting on our blog posts and videos. Jump in and share best practices to give each case more dimension. Tell other members about your own experiences, read about theirs, and agree or disagree with the practices you see. Offer suggestions on how educators can use ReelDx. And if you have an idea for improving the site or product, we want to hear that too—drop us a line at

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For now, make yourself at home on the site. Poke around and think about how you’ll use video case studies in your own everyday practice. Med school resource? CME? Bedside teaching tool? Classroom discussion aid? Let us know in the Comments section.



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