What is Video Diagnosis?

Video diagnosis is a short (< one-minute) chronicle of a real exam-room encounter. No actors or reenactments—just doctor and patient, with occasional appearances by family members.

It’s much more than that, though: Video diagnosis is the cornerstone of each ReelDx case study, and it’s a potent educational tool. It offers the immediacy of sight and sound, so you can fully observe each interaction and symptom. Sure, anyone can read about acanthosis nigricans and find plenty of still images, but how many times do you get to see one of your peers arrive at that diagnosis from what appears to be a simple darkened patch of skin? And when’s the last time you were able to observe the widespread edema of kwashiorkor and the before/after effects of treatment, with a firsthand, exam-room view?


Kwashiorkor is inadequate intake of protein energy and may lead to total body edema

How they’re created
A clinician or medical videographer, with full consent and participation from physician, patient and family, creates each video diagnosis. The videos are never staged or scripted, and they provide you—the student, clinician, or teacher—with the irreplaceable chance to see a real diagnosis or procedure unfolding right before your eyes (and ears).

Your input, please 

Our co-founder Dr. David Spiro pioneered the use of video diagnoses as a new kind of educational medium, honing the technique of capturing relevant and meaningful videos for the last decade.

Now that entire libraries of these videos will be available for you and your clinical peers, what do you make of it? Are the videos long enough? Too long? Are there diseases or conditions you’d like to see in this real-life video format? How would you use these in your own education and professional development?

Let us know at feedback@reeldx.com, or have at it in the Comments section below.


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