Introducing our newest partner, CellScope

We are excited to announce a new partnership agreement with CellScope, Inc. to showcase videos taken with the CellScope Oto in ReelDx video case studies.

The CellScope Oto offers a new approach to visualizing the ear by converting your smartphone into a connected digital otoscope. Select ReelDx partner physicians will use the CellScope Oto when filming for their video cases involving the inner ear.


Cellscope Oto footage will be featured on the ReelDx site as part of the supporting materials for relevant cases. We’ll also be highlighting them on this blog in our Video Case of the Week feature. Check out the cool Cellscope blog, The Tympanic Times, for even more interesting video.

“CellScope’s innovative and easily accessible technology is changing the way physicians gather and share quality images for diagnosis. We see a perfect synergy between our companies and are excited about this new partnership,” said Dr. David Spiro, co-founder and Chief Medical Officer of ReelDx.

“Accurately diagnosing ear infections is a skill that takes years to master and we know CellScope technology can help students better prepare for real cases,” said CellScope CEO, Erik Douglas. “We’re excited about the potential to reach more medical students through the ReelDx platform.”

Click here to see the full case write-up.


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