Better Health Portland and being an “Edison”

The good folks at McKesson just launched a three-city series of community-based discussions about the future of healthcare. ReelDx was honored to be one of the featured innovators – an “Edison” in their parlance – at the first event this past Wednesday (March 5, 2014).

The organizers were successful in bringing together a wide variety of healthcare industry participants – payers, providers, start-up companies, information technology folks, investors. And as a featured company, we got a great opportunity to tell our story three times to small audiences and get direct feedback from them.

Better Health helped us improve our thinking and certainly increased the engagement ReelDx enjoys with local companies as well as bigger players like McKesson. McKesson even produced some summaries of the featured companies. Here’s ours.

This was a great event, and ReelDx saw a lot of excitement for our solution to enable patients and doctors to securely create, store and share medical video.

For its part, McKesson is correctly focusing on bringing its size and the scope of its engagement with the healthcare industry to bear in order to accelerate innovation and collaboration. The next event is in Boston on March 26, and I am actually going to be there as well. I’ll send an update from the Boston event.


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