Patients Drive Video Capture on Smartphones

I had the pleasure to speak about video-visual diagnosis at the 31st Primary Care Update Conference in Spokane, WA, last Friday. While there, a nurse practitioner approached me to share a patient video on her smartphone. The mother of one of her patients had used her own smartphone to videotape an unusual respiratory pattern that presented at night in her 15-month-old toddler.

I couldn’t know the patient’s diagnosis without additional exam and test findings, but the differential diagnoses obviously included an atypical seizure or upper airway obstruction. This patient needed further evaluation – possibly an overnight observation with potential EEG monitoring. The patient’s presentation on this video made that very clear.

This conversation with my NP colleague underscored what a critical role video technology can play in guiding patients to timely, appropriate interventions. And I am sure this kind of interaction happens thousands of times each day between patients and physicians. I want to see videos such as these attached to patient charts; to be preserved as part of the secure, enduring record available to primary providers, specialists and the patients themselves. We are working hard to develop the technology that will make this possible.


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