Why ReelDx is My Full-Time Job

Last week I submitted my resignation after 8 years at OHSU. It’s been quite a ride: I established a pediatric ER and fellowship training program, taught many, and learned more than I taught from my students and colleagues. I’m grateful for the opportunities, and proud of what I accomplished.

I feel like I should say that the decision wasn’t easy – and it wasn’t exactly that. But it was obvious. ReelDx is exploding, and it’s time for me to turn my full attention to this mission. We’re solidifying relationships on a daily basis with partners who share our passion for the infinite ways that video can – and will – improve health care.

Imagine. Take just one videotaped patient encounter, and:

  • Add it to the patient’s chart, – a perfect record of the exam, for review by the patient and the provider
  • Share it with a specialist or other referral
  • Submit it to colleagues and peers for input
  • Embed it in evidence-based case studies, reference materials and board prep packages
  • Integrate it with a med-school classroom presentation
  • Show it on a handheld device during rounds
  • Call it up on the smartphone that’s always in the pocket of a brand new doctor

The possibilities will be inevitabilities. This is a revolution, and I’m taking up the mantle full-time. I am so excited to connect with all of you who share my passion. Reach out to me @David_ReelDx. Let’s do this.


Ashley Landicho

May 29, 2014 at 7:03 pm - Reply

Hi Dr. Spiro,

My name is Ashley and I’m a rising 4th year med student and met you at the AMSA Convention in New Orleans where you were presenting ReelDx to students. Since then, I’ve been actively watching the pediatric videos and I have been more than impressed on how quickly I’m learning and retaining the information. Aside from real patient encounters, this has been truly the most immersive educational tool that I wish I had during my 1st and 2nd year classes. I’ve been promoting ReelDx to my peers and just wanted to say thank you for your work. I definitely feel more confident and better equipped with knowledge walking into rotations and I think this will definitely help my clinical practice later in the future as a pediatrician!

David Spiro

May 30, 2014 at 6:57 pm - Reply

Hi Ashley,

Wow. I am so pleased! Our goal is to provide learners with the ability to connect with real patients in a meaningful way. Thank you so much for your comment. Keep us posted as you mature through training in pediatrics about how you use real patient cases as a learner and teacher. Congrats on graduating medical school!



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