REV2014 – Accelerating Patient Empowerment

Just now catching up on my blogging. Week before last, I had the privilege of attending REV2014 in Washington, D.C. REV2014 was an awesome 2-day conference hosted by Livestrong and Genentech. The event was organized as a forum for thought leaders to explore solutions that would empower patients to actively seek the highest quality of care in their fight against cancer. ReelDx was invited to be one of the tech leaders in the discussion, and I was blown away at the stories which were shared… so much heartspeak and courage from cancer survivors!

REV2014 did a great job of assembling constituents from across the healthcare delivery system to share space and spend energy on how we all can work together for the common good. One of the big take-aways was that HIPAA is standing in the way of patients having easy access to — and more importantly, sharing — their healthcare information. Sharing not only with their provider team, but also with their support community.

PatitentsLikeMe and Rallyhood are two of the groups I spent time with at REV2014 who are winning in the patient community space. Both of these awesome organizations are giving patients and their support teams a safe community to share and to “be in this together.” There is so much healing power in being connected to others while working through the fears, struggles, defeats, and victories that are part of the cancer battle. Huge props to both PatientsLikeMe and Rallyhood, and to the the folks at Livestrong and Genentech who brought us all together around this critical mission.


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