We’re in an amazing swirl of creativity going on in healthcare IT right now that has to do with the convergence of social, Glass, smartphones, EHR, patient engagement, etc. All of this really cool technology is happening today.

ReelDx launched last year thinking of ourselves as content developers for medical education, but we quickly saw that there is a much broader opportunity. We’ve pivoted to make our back end platform a robust, secure HIPAA-compliant video capture, storage, and sharing environment. Our model is to provide access to the platform for developers to have simple tools to store (transcode, etc.) any video captured in a clinical environment, and to use API calls to set user roles, ownership of uploaded video, and sharing rules.

We’re working with some hospitals and pharma companies to help them figure out video strategies to support things like better patient discharge instructions, greater insights as to patient-provider interactions around treatment options, store-and-forward models of telemedicine, etc. We’re also working with our educational production environments to help them develop use cases and applications of our platform for their internal use.

We recently relaunched our website to focus more on the platform and where we’re going. If you have an idea for applications that could use the integration of secure clinical video, we’d love to talk about it. And please share this web page with others you think might be interested.


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