88yo with traumatic injury

First EMS Video Case: 88-year-old with traumatic injury

We’re so excited to have kicked off our collaboration with Woodburn Ambulance Service to capture video cases in the field. The first-responder setting is different in so many ways from videos captured within medical facilities. There are so many unique challenges – such as keeping a camera stable and conducting a focused interview while your colleagues triage 911-response. Yet these case studies address a tremendous training need. First responders, especially those in low-population area, often don’t have adequate opportunity to keep their skills current based on the limited types of conditions they see on a regular basis. Access to video cases from other 911 response teams can fill this critical gap.

We’re excited to kick-off our first-responder case studies in a rural community, where we can highlight the tremendous work these teams are doing with limited resources. The EMTs and paramedics who work in this setting are champions. The team from Woodburn demonstrates incredible skill, quality and compassion. Providers across the board could learn from their “bedside manner and clinical judgment.

Please check out our first published case from Woodburn Ambulance Service!

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