Shout Out to Woodburn Ambulance Service

I was pleased and honored to receive this note from one of the Woodburn Ambulance Service paramedics, Elliott Williams, who is newly contributing 911-response video cases to ReelDx: “David, I really so think you’ve created something powerful here. The response I get from co-workers, friends and even family I show the site to are amazing; pure interest, reading the follow up information about the case, and then, more often than not, “Hey, do a search for ________ and see if they have that!” I am so thankful to be a part of this project.

Elliott, we are thrilled to have you, Mark Shelton and the rest of your team capturing first responder cases for us! The patient encounters you’ve filmed so far provide invaluable training tools, both in terms of clinical quality and compassion. We’re looking forward to growing the EMS library with you guys!


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