ReelDx, McKesson, and the dynamics of healthcare innovation

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ReelDx was featured in a USNews article about  McKesson’s recent “Better Health Tour”.  We were a proud participant in the first stop of this tour in Portland. McKesson designated us an “Edison” company and provided a great opportunity to meet people within their organization and among the other companies that participated.

My good friend, David Sanders, and his company ZoomCare were also at the McKesson event, and also featured in the USNews story. ZoomCare is killing it on the path to healthcare disruption.

Here’s the gist of the USNews article: large companies are looking to small innovators to help design the future of healthcare.

I’ve come to believe that this is truly the case. In addition to our excellent relationship with McKesson, we have had amazing conversations and are doing really innovative projects with large pharmaceutical companies, large hospital providers, medical textbook publishers, top flight medical schools, and many others.

How to build a predictable, profitable business out of this innovation is secondary to getting the innovations in the marketplace and seeing what happens. Intuitively we at ReelDx know that enabling more secure, easy-to-use video in the clinical environment — the Personal Clinical Video — will yield amazing applications and progress for patient engagement and outcomes. We haven’t designed all of the apps, nor do we expect to be able to. We’re partnering with great companies, and making our APIs available to developers, in order to create a vibrant ecosystem of innovation based on secure creation, storage, and sharing of clinical video.

USNews, McKesson, ZoomCare, our pharma and hospital and textbook and medical school partners all get this. It makes me very hopeful for the future of healthcare.

Collaboration is the way to sustainable innovation.


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