Summer camp doctor

I am wrapping up an 11-day volunteering experience as camp doctor on the Oregon Coast. It is my kid’s camp. But more importantly, I get a chance to help all the kids here without the burden of EHR and the bureaucratic load associated with medical care.

We have a new clinic at camp. Kids come twice a day with their counselors for doctor’s hours, and I get a chance to check in with the campers, provide some basic care, triage what can be cared for in camp, and refer to the local ER. Thankfully, this summer has been super healthy with only one referral out of camp.

I feel extremely fortunate and humbled that with my training, I can provide a service to help healthy kids stay healthy and enjoy sleep away camp. Being a camp doc has been a lifelong dream for me. So glad to be able to fulfill this one.

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Greg Friese

July 16, 2014 at 12:11 pm - Reply

Lifelong camp guy so I love that you are able to help out the campers and the camp.


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