Trending on ReelDx: Emergency Medical Responder Videos

I’m so excited about the energy around our new Prehospital Library on ReelDx. Having founded ReelDx 2 years ago and personally touching the 400+ cases that have been published since — I can say there is truly something unique happening with the Prehospital cases. Each day, 20 or more EMTs and Paramedics are signing up to access the cases, and engagement around the cases on Facebook and Twitter is unlike anything we’ve seen before.

I’ve formed some educated hypotheses about why these cases are so sticky:

  • The patients and scenarios are gripping
  • The emergency personnel conducting the interviews are  total pros, and incredibly likeable
  • There don’t appear to be many other quality learning resources for EMS personnel on the Web
  • EMS personnel are adrenaline junkies (-;

… but I’d love to hear what you think is so special about these cases! Please add a comment below.

We looking forward to publishing several new, phenomenal EMS cases over the next week or so, including as an 80-year-old private pilot that crashed into some trees and had to climb his way out and down to the ground; and a 37-year-old male in need of emergency medical response following a knife fight.

I trust our user base will keep growing, thanks to developments such as being featured in the EMSC publication, QuickNews; on the Emergency Medical Services page on Facebook; and through increasing word of mouth.

Let us know what you think we’re doing right – so we can do more of it!

Many thanks to Phil Engle and OR EMSC for sponsoring this groundbreaking project.


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