Twitter as medical classroom

Many thanks to Dr. Nelson Arellano, founder of Clinical Case, for partnering with us to tweet ReelDx cases for review by the medical community.

Dr. Arellano has taught us the power of engaging community by first posting a case “tease,” with just enough detail for the user to guess at appropriate diagnosis and treatment. With nearly 19,000 followers on Twitter, Dr. Arellano is an established expert on audience engagement via social media. We’re grateful that he’s offered his expertise, and taught us how to fish!

We are so enjoying this method of case presentation, and are excited about the broad participation in, and praise for, these case-presentation Twitter threads. Some of our favorite comments by users:

  • @David_ReelDx The best way to learn medicine. I love such combination @ReelDx & @ClinicalCaseRev
  • @ClinicalCaseRev @ReelDx Amazing!
  • @ClinicalCaseRev @ReelDx I love it!
  • @ClinicalCaseRev @ReelDx Thank you so much. I love this case!

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