Rock Health’s Healthcare Innovation Summit in San Francisco

Last week I was in San Francisco for the @Rock_Health Healthcare Innovation Summit #HISUM. It was super fun to be in the mix with a lot of cool new ideas and tech.

The panelists were ok…with 2 notable exceptions…and these guys killed it! Vivek Wadhwa @wadhwa and Daniel Kraft @daniel_kraft both of Singularity University @singularityu. Vivek spoke of the globalization of technology, and how we need to let go of the myth that the U.S. is the leading innovator and the major player…there are no more boundaries. Today. Not tomorrow. It’s all happening right now! Daniel (via robot!) discussed the current use of robotics in medicine and how awesome it is to be able to do remote surgeries…and how surgeries which use to be massively invasive and require lots of rehab time are now done with minimal impact to the patient.

The most interesting thing for me re both of these gentleman was that while they were on different speaking panels during the conference’s agenda, they both stood out as visionary prophets…crying out the wake up call to the traditional healthcare delivery model. For the most part…their fellow panelists were just trying to hold on and not fall off the stage at just how awesome and exciting Vivek’s and Daniel’s revelations were/are.

Telehealth, remote medicine, patient engagement and empowerment, apps and more apps…the paradigm has shifted. Take a look at @drondemand and @zoomcare and any one of a gazillion new apps re healthcare and wearables and let me know if you don’t believe that the ivory towers of most hospitals and payers are crumbling. Some of the panelists at HISUM couldn’t even define “reimbursement”. Yeah, it’s exactly like that. We’ll be receiving our healthcare through our phones, we’ll be taking better care of ourselves, and the delivery costs are going to be driven way down. Happening today. Don’t miss it!

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September 5, 2014 at 1:48 am - Reply

Good to hear! It is these advances that make it so frustrating that care in the US gets more expensive and gets worse at the same time. Care should be improving and getting cheaper!

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