ReelDx, you are nailing it!

Many thanks to Katie, PA student at Pacific University in Portland, OR, for sending us this fantastic feedback! We’re thrilled to hear that ReelDx is adding so much to your education. -David Spiro, MD; ReelDx Co-Founder and CMO

>>I am a PA student at Pacific University in the fall term of the didactic year.  I just wanted to send you a quick note to share that your website has been an AMAZING tool in helping me study and understanding the patient’s presentation beyond the key words of the disease.  The points I find most helpful are seeing the patient, hearing how a practicing professional interviews that patient and/or their guardian, seeing the DDX, labs and image studies, and of course finishing with the actual dx.  So pretty much you are nailing it!

We’ve been using your website in group study to review our professor’s picture of the disease, discuss it, figure out the physiology and then we watch your video to get the real feeling of the disease and hear what the tipping point for the patient was in deciding to be seen.

Katie, PA-S
Pacific University School of Physician Assistants
Class of 2016


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