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A Space Program?

If you have been following me or pretty much any of the ReelDx team on Twitter then you have undoubtedly seen plenty of tweets referring to a space program. You have probably wondered why is ReelDx, a company dedicated to Personal Clinical Video, so focused on space?

For millennia space was beyond humanity’s grasp. Our understanding of the cosmos was wrapped in myth and legend; the stars, it seemed, were forever locked away from us.

That all changed with the various space programs starting in the mid 20th century. Boundaries that were thought to be unbreakable were shattered with regular frequency. Old rules and paradigms were tossed aside as creativity and bold thinking took over. Disparate industries came together to tackle difficult problems. In fact entirely new industries sprang up nearly overnight. Existing technologies were adapted and improved to meet new challenges. It was, and continues to be, a time of technological revolution.

This great leap forward wasn’t just a US phenomenon; in the former Soviet Union and around the world a similar transformation was happening. Things were changing, the world was getting smaller as the stars were closer than ever before. All eyes were to the future and endless possibility.

Looking at the medical industry in recent years we realized that a patient’s access to and control of their own health could seem as far away from them as the stars did from their ancestors.  The systems and paradigms driving health care dictated that change be difficult if not impossible; essentially trapping us “on the ground.”

It was these challenges, paired with the rich history of space exploration, that led us to model our technology stack on programs like Mercury, Apollo, and Vostok. These programs featured innovation, rapid prototyping, radical thinking, and ground breaking technological achievements. The technological benefits spurred entire industries, and we as a society benefited in ways that we couldn’t imagine just years earlier. At ReelDx we hope to have the same impact on the medical industry; answering the tough technological questions and being a pioneer in a new field.

As with the early space programs we are just paving the way; we need you to build on our technology. Learn from our success and our failures, adapt an existing technology to leverage medical video in the clinical space, or come up with something entirely new. The stars are now closer than ever.

We invite you to join us on this adventure.

Image Source: NASA


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