ReelDx announces partnership with Clarity Informatics

PORTLAND, OR – MAY 7, 2015 – A new and exciting partnership has been announced between ReelDx and Clarity Informatics.

Clarity is the trusted source for first contact clinical care advice in the UK. The Clarity site Prodigy is the most popular clinical decision support tool in the UK. It contains over 1000 clinical scenarios and detailed information on over 350 diseases. Prodigy is updated and expanded daily.

ReelDx provides a library of hundreds of brief, video encounters of real patient cases created by clinicians. All our content is peer-reviewed and evidence based, providing the best in training and bedside support.

Together Clarity and ReelDx have created the latest “must-have” in medical education, a single site which combines the best expert clinical advice and aligned embedded video content.

All our content is optimized for tablet and smartphone.

See an example of ReelDx content, embedded on Clarity’s new Asthma topic page.

About ReelDx

Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, ReelDx provides a powerful cloud-based platform that enables the creation, storage, and sharing of Personal Clinical Video™ in a variety of healthcare software. Personal video content can improve medical education, increase the effectiveness of patient communications, and allow providers to more efficiently and accurately record clinical encounters. The company partners with healthcare software developers, medical manufacturers, provider organizations, and educational systems to enable asynchronous HIPAA-compliant video for a wide variety of uses, including education, patient monitoring, and patient engagement.

About Clarity

Clarity Informatics developed from an academic department of University of Newcastle, UK. It has been in the commercial world for 14 years and is renowned for high quality, innovative clinical knowledge authoring, decision support for improving clinical quality of care. We employ highly skilled experts in clinical authoring. We work predominantly in the UK but have a widening footprint in academic institutions in the English speaking world.


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