EMT’s to the Rescue… of Tired Training Techniques

Booth three of us

At the ReelDx booth: Nancy Boudreau, Sr. Producer; David Spiro, MD, CMO; and Elliott Williams, EMT-P

Thanks to the many EMS professionals and educators who took the time to meet with us at the EMS World Expo in Las Vegas last week! Our partners at EMS World outdid their welcome to ReelDx, providing us with a customized booth at the center of the action. We met so many innovators, entrepreneurs and heroes, from EMS providers launching their own device start-ups to educators leading the “flipped classroom” charge. We were delighted by the frequency with which these new customers enlightened us with new approaches for using our real patient videos in their teaching and training.

Given limited time and resources in the classroom, many educators are capitalizing on the ability to assign our videos for students’ review in advance of classroom discussion. Some are asking students to come to class prepared with a proposed treatment plan for the patients shown, and an explanation of the reasoning they used in developing that plan. Educators are using our videos to bring simulations to life. They are authoring their own case studies with our patient videos, and assigning them in virtual discussion groups. As speaker Dan Limmer said at his crowded, “Using Video Case Studies in Education” presentation: “How many of you have used a 20-year-old in a white wig to role play the signs of illness in the elderly? Wouldn’t your rather show your students real older patients in these teaching scenarios?”

Conference participants also expressed strong interest in using our video cases in continuing education efforts. The timing is perfect, given our recent new partnership with CPDme! We’re excited to offer a totally new and engaging way to acquire CE (or CPD, for those of you across the pond) for CPDme customers and, soon, many others.

Thanks, also, to the advisory board who gathered around our plans to grow our peer-reviewed EMS product with the highest editorial integrity and continued responsiveness to the needs of our learners and educators. Dave Tauber, NREMT-P, I/C; Dan Limmer, AS, EMT-P; Nancy Perry, Editorial Director, EMS World, Scott Cravens, Group Publisher, EMS World; Andy Thomas, RAF Paramedic and Clinical & Education Specialist; Elliott Williams, EMT-P, and, in absentia, Mohamud Daya, M.D., M.S. and Mark Shelton, EMT-P.

We departed the conference with new contributors and partners from around the world and incredible excitement for the work in front of us. And only one, slight concern: One of our most consistent and excellent EMS case contributors was shortly to jump of the Stratosphere with firefighter, Justin King. We haven’t heard from him since. Here’s hoping he was wearing his GoPro and will soon emerge with footage for our blooper reels!



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