Panelist discussion of 54yo female with chest pain: “Always think bad before you think good”

Webinar 1 snap for blogWatch our recorded webinar: Clinicians and educators discuss teaching pearls for ReelDx Education’s Real Patient Video Case 513: 54yo with chest pain radiating to jaw.

As one panelist said, “This doesn’t look like a patient in severe distress. That’s what makes this a great teaching case.”


  1. Mohamud Daya, MD, Oregon Health & Science University Professor of Emergency Medicine
  2. Elizabeth Crawford, MS, PA-C, Director of Academic Education/Assistant Professor, Pacific University College of Health Professions
  3. Brent Norris, Brent Norris, MPAS, PA-C, Assistant Professor, Pacific University College of Health Professions
  4. David Spiro, MD, Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer, ReelDx

Feel free to use this webinar in the classroom! We’d love your feedback.


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