Case of the Month

Our case of the month features one of our first cases ever published by Dr. David Peltzer, a rural family physician from Newton, North Carolina. Dr. Peltzer identified a case of a child with a rare disorder – Hirschsprung’s Disease – from a complaint that quite common – fussiness.

This case highlights the powerful tool that real patient video can provide – the visceral sound of a fussy infant; the visualization and palpation of a distended abdomen, and the radiographic images suggestive of severe constipation.

The educator has a number of options to use this case in the setting of the early learner. By perhaps leading a discussion of how to manage pain in this age group, develop a differential diagnosis based upon this presentation, or perhaps use the case prior to a simulation scenario based upon real patient data as provided in this case. Faculty have a myriad of potential use cases for using this video vignette to teach the nextgen student.

Ultimately, we are grateful to Dr. Peltzer, our other content creators and editorial board for being an active part of our community.



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