Live Webinar: Assessing Pediatric Pain

Later this month we will be discussing the assessment of pain in the pediatric patient. This is an important topic, as many children do not yet have a voice to express pain the way adults might present to a provider. This topic is important for ALL practitioners and educators from paramedic medicine, nursing and advanced practice clinicians.

As part of our monthly live event series, we will be discussing two cases of children presenting in pain with an experienced family physician, Dr. David Peltzer, who has contributed cases from his clinic to our library. Through the lens of the cases, we will chat and explore ways to assess and examine children in pain, including strategies around approach which is quite different compared to adult care.

Please join us for this free event this March 23rd, at 9 AM PST/Noon EST.

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May 3, 2017 at 11:20 am - Reply

The authors noted that pain assessment scores should be integrated into clinical decision making. Therefore, making pain relief a priority with a healthcare organization is the key challenge for those who advocate good pain assessment. One concern expressed in the study was the widespread use of self report pain assessments, even in children as young as five years. Self reports are best used in older, verbally competent children.

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