ReelDx Live Event: Adult Patient with Altered Mental Status

We were fortunate to host Dr. Chris Moore, Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine at Yale University this past month to discuss a fascinating case. This ReelDx hosted live event webinar captures the essence of real patient video and the narrative of the editor/content contributor as Dr. Moore explains how he made a stunning diagnosis. We also discussed the concept of “sick vs not sick”, a common theme that can be readily taught using real patient cases by faculty and sometimes hard to forget by the students. That of course, is the point. The visceral nature of the content allows the learner to not forget. This case ALSO highlights the use of bedside ultrasound – Dr. Moore has pioneered its use in emergency medicine at Yale University.


In essence, the difference between the younger vs older practitioner is pattern recognition. We are hopeful that the use of our 800+ case real patient channel can help learners become more comfortable with managing the various presentations of disease. We are also thankful to Dr. Moore and his dedication to teaching and contributions tot he ReelDx platform.

Check out the recorded webinar here:


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