Live Event Webinar June 29th 9am PST/Noon EST: Opioid Overdose with Respiratory Arrest

We are thrilled to host another live webinar event this June featuring one of our best teaching cases, ever. This film was created by Dennis Russell and his team from United Ambulance from Lewiston, Maine. We are also honored to have Dr. Merlin Curry join us as a featured panelist. Dr. Curry started his career as a paramedic and then trained at OHSU and University of Arizona. He now serves as an EMS medical director in Arizona and as an Emergency Physician in the community.

This case is one of our longer cases and shows actual scene time around a very ill patient overdosed on opioids, which as you may be aware has been identified as a national epidemic. This patient presents critically ill and footage, with informed consent signed by the patient, allows the student to learn and see first hand professional management of a sever presentation of abuse/overdose.


Please join us at the webinar, limited seats available.

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