ReelDx Live Events


This coming Monday at 3 PM EST, we are thrilled to host panelists Zehra Ahmed (Chair of NYIT Physician Assistant Studies) and Bill Blazey (Assistant Dean of the Osteopathic School at NYIT). They both are part of a larger

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ReelDx 2.0 – a new Platform reflecting the Future of Healthcare Education

This has been an exciting year of growth with the release of ReelDx Version 2.0

Here are some of the new features:

  • Educator control of the learning experience
  • Improved search and sort functionality
  • Enhanced layout to facilitate use of cases

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ReelDx, you are nailing it!

Many thanks to Katie, PA student at Pacific University in Portland, OR, for sending us this fantastic feedback! We’re thrilled to hear that ReelDx is adding so much to your education. -David Spiro, MD; ReelDx Co-Founder and CMO

>>I am …

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Trending on ReelDx: Emergency Medical Responder Videos

I’m so excited about the energy around our new Prehospital Library on ReelDx. Having founded ReelDx 2 years ago and personally touching the 400+ cases that have been published since — I can say there is truly something unique happening …

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Summer camp doctor

I am wrapping up an 11-day volunteering experience as camp doctor on the Oregon Coast. It is my kid’s camp. But more importantly, I get a chance to help all the kids here without the burden of EHR and the …

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7-year-old with episodes of spacing out and eyes fluttering

This was an interesting case. This child was previously diagnosed with attention deficit disorder and is being treated with medications for this concern. Brief seizures such as these – called “absence” seizures – are a form of generalized epilepsy. …

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