ReelDx MedEd Case #266

Bell’s palsy? CVA? Other?

We’ve just published one of our most interesting cases to-date on ReelDx. This patient presented with a complicated constellation of findings. It’s been authored, edited & reviewed by a number of experts in the field, including a few of my …

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Shout Out to Woodburn Ambulance Service

I was pleased and honored to receive this note from one of the Woodburn Ambulance Service paramedics, Elliott Williams, who is newly contributing 911-response video cases to ReelDx: “David, I really so think you’ve created something powerful here. The response …

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88yo with traumatic injury

First EMS Video Case: 88-year-old with traumatic injury

We’re so excited to have kicked off our collaboration with Woodburn Ambulance Service to capture video cases in the field. The first-responder setting is different in so many ways from videos captured within medical facilities. There are so many …

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We’re in an amazing swirl of creativity going on in healthcare IT right now that has to do with the convergence of social, Glass, smartphones, EHR, patient engagement, etc. All of this really cool technology is happening today.

ReelDx launched …

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Connecting with emergency personnel at REACH

I had the opportunity to speak at the Pediatric REACH transport conference in Oakland, California, last Friday. Demonstrating our video cases with paramedics, flight staff and emergency nurses is an incredible experience. Most prehospital workers have a tremendous ability to …

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Why ReelDx is My Full-Time Job

Last week I submitted my resignation after 8 years at OHSU. It’s been quite a ride: I established a pediatric ER and fellowship training program, taught many, and learned more than I taught from my students and colleagues. I’m grateful …

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