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ReelDx Live Events


This coming Monday at 3 PM EST, we are thrilled to host panelists Zehra Ahmed (Chair of NYIT Physician Assistant Studies) and Bill Blazey (Assistant Dean of the Osteopathic School at NYIT). They both are part of a larger

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ReelDx 2.0 – a new Platform reflecting the Future of Healthcare Education

This has been an exciting year of growth with the release of ReelDx Version 2.0

Here are some of the new features:

  • Educator control of the learning experience
  • Improved search and sort functionality
  • Enhanced layout to facilitate use of cases

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Case of the Week: The case of a child with inattention

This case was created in a pediatric clinic by a pediatrician. Some teaching points to consider:

1. Inattention is not always “ADD” or attention deficit disorder.
2. This is a fantastic pediatric exam technique that lead to a Dx.


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Vote Now! Top Space Stories of the Week – Sept. 2, 2012

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