7-year-old with episodes of spacing out and eyes fluttering

This was an interesting case. This child was previously diagnosed with attention deficit disorder and is being treated with medications for this concern. Brief seizures such as these – called “absence” seizures – are a form of generalized epilepsy. …

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Connecting with emergency personnel at REACH

I had the opportunity to speak at the Pediatric REACH transport conference in Oakland, California, last Friday. Demonstrating our video cases with paramedics, flight staff and emergency nurses is an incredible experience. Most prehospital workers have a tremendous ability to …

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What is Video Diagnosis?

Video diagnosis is a short (< one-minute) chronicle of a real exam-room encounter. No actors or reenactments—just doctor and patient, with occasional appearances by family members.

It’s much more than that, though: Video diagnosis is the cornerstone of each ReelDx …

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