December 2020 Newsletter

What's New at ReelDx?

New Cases

995 | Acute onset, diffuse abdominal pain radiating to the back

Case 995 shows a patient suffering radiating abdominal pain. It contains a detailed CT report and operative note, as well as rich editorial from the case creator.

996 | Acute onset, sharp and pleuritic chest pain on the left side

Case 996 features a patient suffering from chest pain, as a result of COVID-19. The case contains echocardiogram views as well as EKG results.

997 | Chronic onset, cough, left sided chest pain and progressive fatigue s/p chest trauma

Case 997 shows a patient suffering from chest pain and a persistent cough after blunt trauma to the chest. The supporting materials contain extensive CT and CXR scans, as well as numerous suggested references.

998 | Acute onset, head injury s/p fall presenting with altered mental status and significant hypertension

Case 998 presents a patient with altered mental status after a head injury. The case contains extensive CT scans highlighting hemorraghing in the brain.

New Platform Feature

Faculty can now add cases to their courses directly from the case library. Simply click the green plus button, and choose a course. Read more about how to use this feature here.

Faculty Forum

Join the conversation at to discuss cases, suggestions and teachings methods. On our Education and Classroom board, share advice with other educational professionals on how you use real patient cases in your lessons.

ReelDx now supports student subscription purchases through campus bookstores. This may allow students to utilize financial aid for their ReelDx subscription. Please email for more information.

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