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Is ReelDx HIPAA-compliant? +

Yes. This is critically important to us, as a business, of course, but even more so as a provider-based organization with a commitment to the highest ethical practices.

Our technical and legal requirements, combined with our case-acquisition and management processes, ensure HIPAA compliance.

We’ve gone so far as to develop our own cloud-based platform,, to ensure compliance of our streamed video content. utilizes a variety of encryption, user-level authority, logging- and reporting-functionality to establish and maintain HIPAA-level security, and the ability to support all, relevant HIPAA compliance requirements.

Why do patients participate in this project? Aren’t they worried about privacy? +

Patients participate with informed consent. Each of our case contributors has a careful conversation with patients and/or caregivers about their rights and options if they consent to be filmed.

Among their protected rights, filmed patients have the right to withdraw consent at any time, and we will remove their video from ReelDx immediately. We also ensure that no protected health information is associated with a video case, such as names, medical record numbers, etc.

It’s worth noting that we have never had a patient or caregiver withdraw consent, and close to 100% of patients who are asked, consent to be filmed. We have consistently found that patients and their families have a strong and sustained desire to play a role in improving medical education.

I have an individual subscription to ReelDx Education. Can I show cases in my classroom, or share my login with others? +

No, broadcasting in group settings or sharing access is not a permitted use of an individual ReelDx subscription, per our stated Terms of Use.

If you have an institutional agreement with ReelDx, we hope you are broadcasting ReelDx in your curriculum, presentations, and other educator or group/classroom activities!

If you are using an individual subscription to broadcast ReelDx in your curriculum, please contact us for a friendly brainstorming session about updating your account without disruption to your classroom.

In addition to affordable pricing for a classroom edition of ReelDx, we also provide excellent, thoughtful customer service as you adjust your ReelDx agreement, and ongoing support as you formally implement ReelDx.

I love ReelDx! But… I’m not sure how to use it in my teaching/learning. +

We understand! Our videos are a new tool in health care education, without precedent for incorporation into curriculum, test prep, etc. The exciting news is that we now have more than 40 leading institutions using our cases in the classroom, with tremendous success. They include nursing schools, medical schools, physician assistant programs, EMS training, and more.

We continuously learn about new use-cases that innovative educators are applying, and we remain involved in supporting and learning from their implementations.

We would love the chance to give you some examples of how your peers are using ReelDx, and provide consultation on your program’s unique needs! Please contact us to schedule a personal demo.

You have so many cases! How can I hone in on topics that are specific to my teaching or learning needs? +

The ReelDx library can be sorted and filtered by patient age, organ system, or specialty.  Simply enter a search topic and limit your results.

If you would like more comprehensive assistance, a member of our team will be happy to help you identify cases based on course topic, subject matter or learning objective.

Feel free to contact us for personal assistance finding content that meets your needs!

Can the information and/or fields in your cases be customized to meet my needs? For example, to hide the diagnosis while presenting a case? +

Yes, Institutional customers/educators can control both what cases, and what components of the case learners can view at any time.  There are a number of ways to present our cases to meet this need. Please contact us for a demo.

Watch our blog and join our growing community (scroll to the bottom of the About Us page to enter your email address) to stay up to date on future excitement and developments at ReelDx!

Will ReelDx automatically renew my credit card? +

No, but you have options.

We will notify you by email before your subscription ends, so that you have the option to renew your account and continue access to our growing collection of real patient video cases.

ReelDx does not store any credit card information in our system. All of our credit card data is handled by Stripe, our e-commerce app. Their security policy is listed here:

Please contact us for any additional information or assistance.

Can I get a free trial? +

Absolutely, we would be happy to give you an opportunity to preview ReelDx.  Please contact us.

Can I contribute cases? +

It's certainly possible, and worth mentioning that all of our cases are peer-reviewed.  We'd love to discuss content creation with you! Contact us to learn more.

What are ReelDx’s system requirements? +


  • Google Chrome 48+
  • Firefox 44+
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.0+
  • Microsoft Edge 12+
  • Safari 9.0+
  • Opera 35+

Flash Requirement

  • In order to securely stream videos Adobe Flash Player 21+ is required to be installed and activated on all supported browsers except for Safari and Mobile Safari

Bandwidth Requirement

  • Minimum: 2Mb/s
  • For best results a minimum: 5Mb/s
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