Introducing: The ReelDx Faculty Forum

Introducing: The ReelDx Faculty Forum

One of our most common questions from customers is:

              “What are the best ways to integrate ReelDx case content in the classroom?”

We’re excited to debut the ReelDx forum – where you can connect with other instructors who use ReelDx, share your expertise, and get fresh insights on how to utilize ReelDx cases in your classes. 

The ReelDx Forum

Your ReelDx account will give you automatic access to the Forum - no registration necessary. A message board will appear below each case. The new "Forum" tab will appear on the ReelDx navigation bar.

The ReelDx Forum is now live for all faculty and manager ReelDx users.

Note: student users will not have access to the ReelDx Forum.

Join the conversation at to discuss cases, suggestions and teachings methods. On our Education and Classroom board, share advice with other educational professionals on how you use real patient cases in your lessons.

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