ReelDx Featured Course - Advanced Physical Assessment

Lisa Rezendez - August 20th, 2021

Tackling Physical Assessments with ReelDx

Our final featured course covers advanced physical assessment. We’ve selected cases that cover a variety of topics, from standard newborn assessments to not-so-standard cases like torticollis. Each of the assigned cases in this course will help lead to discussion about:

766 | Full body rash from Ecuador (in Spanish with translation)

Sometimes, in the case of urticaria, identifying the offending agent can be difficult. Therefore, a careful history including medications (new and chronic) can be helpful.

602 | Episodic headaches and right-sided weakness

This is a fascinating case. The general term for this suspected condition is "migraine variant," which includes a number of presentations, including hemiplegic migraines. The child otherwise looks well.

562 | Acute Onset, Right facial muscle weakness and ipsilateral facial pain (Interview in Spanish)

Patient has facial nerve paralysis & commentary is in Spanish.

403 | Episodes of "spacing out" and eyes fluttering

Often times it may be difficult to discern between attention deficit and absence seizure activity. An EEG and consultation with pediatric neurology may be helpful.

219 | Acute onset, neck pain with limited range of motion

With torticollis, it’s important to seek out and treat the underlying etiologies.

162 | Evaluation for hip dysplasia in a newborn

Physical exam to screen for hip clicks or clunks that can be associated with hip dysplasia.

140 | Demonstration of normal newborn features, part 4

Standard newborn physical exam.

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