ReelDx Featured Course - Cardiac Cases

Lisa Rezendez - August 20th, 2021

Examining Emergency Cardiac Care with ReelDx

When it comes to heart attacks and strokes, every second counts. And, as a majority of these incidents occur out-of-hospital, this makes the roles that EMS providers play in providing these patients with care in those crucial first moments invaluable.

This week’s featured course includes several real patient video cases showing a variety of cardiac cases, in both hospital and pre-hospital settings. Each of the selected cases are intended to lead to discussions about:

835 | Recorded ReelDx Webinar: Management of acute chest pain with previous history of cardiac disease in an EMS setting

A review of case 819 | Acute onset, 7/10 chest pain radiating to left arm and neck.

819 | Acute onset, 7/10 chest pain radiating to left arm and neck

Midsternal tightness, pressure, with occasional worsening stabbing pain. Pain radiates to left neck and left shoulder.

725 | ReelDx Recorded webinar - Radiating chest pain

Clinicians and educators discussed teaching pearls for ReelDx Education's Real Patient Video Case 513 | 54yo with chest pain radiating to jaw. As one panelist said, "This doesn’t look like a patient in severe distress. That’s what makes this a great teaching case."

513 | Chest pain radiating to jaw

Chest pain has a large differential diagnosis, and women can present with atypical chest pain. This patient's report of pain radiating to her jaw is cause for concern.

464 | Shortness of breath, "chest pressure"

The routine work of a paramedic involves continuous multi-tasking. Notice how the paramedics work as a team, while engaging the patient, while moving forward in their progression of assessment and treatment of the chief complaint.

350 | Fatigue, malaise

An 8-year-old patient experiencing increased pulse, clubbing with peripheral cyanosis, and barrel chest.

346 | Suspected congestive heart failure and respiratory illness

From the ReelDx Developing World Medicine library, this case features an 11-month-old patient suffering from CHF, TB, and malnutrition.

227 | Acute onset, tremors and chest pain

Alcohol withdrawal is a spectrum ranging from mild symptoms to DTs with severe impairment of mental status, seizures, and life-threatening autonomic instability (tachycardia, hyperthermia, hypertension).

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