ReelDx Featured Course - DNP Specialty Adult-Gero Acute Care

Lisa Rezendez - August 20th, 2021

DNP Specialty Courses from ReelDx

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for advanced practice nurses, which includes DNPs, is expected to grow by 52% by 2029. And, as the Baby Boomer generation continues to age, the need for those practitioners specializing in care for older adults will become even greater.

Our first featured course is for DNP students specializing in Adult-Gero Acute Care. Each case was selected to illustrate a variety of conditions that these students will face in their field, and will help lead to discussion about:

827 | Acute onset, shortness of breath, intermittent chest pain (Part 2)

The continuation of a case of a patient experiencing CHF, a-fib, and chronic kidney disease.

771 | Post-operative edema of legs

This is a fantastic case for healthcare students learning physical exam maneuvers.

510 | Gradual onset, worsening dyspnea

This case also includes video content showing both the IV insertion and 12-lead ECG placement.

509 | Acute onset, shortness of breath h/o congestive heart failure

Understanding baseline exam findings such as pitting edema of the legs from the patient or facility may be helpful in determining etiology.

495 | Shortness of breath

Elderly patient with several underlying conditions has been experiencing worsening shortness of breath.

488 | Bilateral chest pain

Patient is experiencing pleural effusion.

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