October 2020 Newsletter

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Case Spotlight

In the new “Hidden Gems” case series, Dr. Spiro commentates the usefulness of Case 424: Acute onset, epistaxis. Listen to Dr. Spiro explain how this case can be useful to medical educators of any department, and illustrate its key takeaways for the classroom.

Case 424: Acute onset, epistaxis

New Cases

957 | Acute onset, bradycardia

This case shows the symptom of bradycardia due to a third degree heart block. It contains supporting materials and commentary, such as EKG readings and an explanation of pacemaker prescription.

961 | Acute onset, fatigue, chest pain, and shortness of breath

This patient presents a pericardial effusion. The case includes bedside ultrasound video highlighting a tamponade affecting the pericardial sac, and editorial explaining the symptoms that lead to this diagnosis.

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