September 2020 Newsletter

What's New at ReelDx?

Virtual Teaching Tips

We’re excited to share our Virtual Teaching Tips video series, a resource full of helpful tips and tricks for online teaching from real healthcare educators! Take a moment to explore our current videos to brush up on your remote teaching skills.

We’d love to feature your best tips for online teaching. Submit your own quick video to share your knowledge with other healthcare educators.

New Cases

955 | Acute onset, left shoulder pain

This case shows the diagnosis of a dislocated shoulder following a boating accident. It contains many supporting materials, including ultrasound images, x-rays, and videos of anesthetic injection and intrascalene block.

920 | Acute onset, right elbow edema and pain

This patient presents with olecranon bursitis. The case also benefits from a variety of supporting media, such as ultrasound images and videos, and a comprehensive list of key points.

Introducing: the ReelDx Forum

One of our most common questions from customers is:

              “What are the best ways to integrate ReelDx case content in the classroom?”

We’re excited to debut the ReelDx forum – where you can connect with other instructors who use ReelDx, share your expertise, and get fresh insights on how to utilize ReelDx cases in your classes. 

The ReelDx Forum

Your ReelDx account will give you automatic access to the Forum - no registration necessary. A message board will appear below each case. The new "Forum" tab will appear on the ReelDx navigation bar.

The ReelDx Forum will launch for all faculty and manager ReelDx users by October 1st, 2020.

Note: student users will not have access to the ReelDx Forum.

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