Real Doctors. Real Patients. Real Medicine.

Traditionally, clinical apprenticeships include observing a healthcare professional in their daily work – interacting with patients and colleagues, applying their specialized knowledge, and reflecting on the rewards and challenges of their profession.  HEAL has created an innovative way for college/university pre-health students to acquire invaluable clinical exposure through their problem-based seminars conducted in a safe and accessible online environment. Our pre-health community members have the opportunity to learn beyond passive observation of a single interaction in a single medical specialty, and dig into the reality of physician-patient clinical work, from the first patient meeting through diagnosis and treatment.  HEAL students learn like medical students do, guided by medical preceptors through interactive observation and problem solving, tracking cases from symptoms to differential diagnosis to clinical outcome, in an expansive array of medical specialties.

COVID-Friendly Clinical Experience

Students can observe doctors without putting themselves or their families at risk.

Real Patient Encounters

Study cases of real patients as they go through diagnosis and treatment.

Led By Medical Personnel

Interactive classes and discussions led by doctors and medical students.

Accepted by Medical Schools

Designed with the input of current and former admissions committee members.

Student Testimonial

How It Works

ReelDx has partnered with HEAL to provide students with real patient video cases, including the accompanying pedagogical structure: vitals/differential diagnosis. HEAL uses ReelDx cases in their 101 course,  and 400/600/700 case-based seminars. Seminar students are members, required to acquire subscriptions for monthly ReelDx access, with discounted pricing provided by HEAL, to complete self-directed learning experiences for additional clinical hours.


  • Free Virtual Shadowing led by qualified medical personnel weekly.

  • 400 – Level Seminar Courses (Additional Fee) – Using the same case-based model popular at US medical schools.

  • 600 – self-directed seminars where pre-health students form teams to present cases to their peers and get guidance from medical students.

  • Homework Assignments – Using additional ReelDX video cases, students learn to take SOAP notes and apply critical reasoning. 

  • Certification of Hours – Students who come to shadowing sessions, attend clinical education sessions, and do homework assignments will be issued a Certificate of Completion that certifies the clinical hours that students completed to be put on their applications to medical school, PA school, nursing school or other health professions program.