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ReelDx is the leader in HIPAA compliant secure video management for visionary healthcare providers.

Free APIs enables software developers to offer HIPAA compliant video management in their healthcare software.

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We empower use of real live video and cases in the classroom and beyond to deliver improved healthcare. We put healthcare in your hands

Transforming Doctor – Patient Communication, with Video. is a cloud based platform solution that handles uploading, storing, encoding, transcoding, and secure playback of video content based on the user ID and access rules provided by the host application. Put Simply – enables HIPAA compliant asynchronous video telemedicine in any application.


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Transforming Medical Video – For Everyone



Record, store, and share discharge instructions with patients, family’s and caregivers across the globe.

Asynchronous Video Telemedicine

Allow patients to start an encounter with their doctor using video or record a synchronous video session for review and sharing.



Prompt patients for a quick video status report and obtain detailed information without patients coming in to the office.

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Video is the most powerful form of communication we have. It is concise, engaging, efficient, and available to everyone. With secure video messaging, powered by the platform, you can improve patient engagement, facilitate more highly coordinated care, drive new economic opportunities, and improve health outcomes.

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