Transforming Healthcare
Education With
Real Patient Video

ReelDx is dedicated to helping educators connect every aspect of healthcare profession training with the practicality of real patient experience

Transforming Healthcare Education With Real Patient Video Cases

ReelDx is dedicated to helping educators connect every aspect of healthcare profession training with the practicality of real patient experience

How It Works

ReelDx video cases are designed to integrate flexibly into any aspect of your instruction. Bring real world applications into your early theoretical classes. Enhance your simulations by providing case studies to prepare before or reinforce after. Provide repeatable “compare and contrast” resources to go hand in hand with clinical practicums. 

Captured by Providers

Videos feature real patients in the ER, exam room, community clinics, pre-hospital, and developing world.

100% HIPAA Compliant

All videos are fully consented. HIPAA regulations are rigorously followed.

Extensive Video Case Library

1,000+ topics, cases also include vitals & demographics, differential diagnosis & patient workup, and more.

Peer Reviewed

Editorial comments guide teaching & probe for critical thinking.

Bring Real World Experience Into the Classroom

The ReelDx video case library contains nearly 700 individual cases featuring a wide cross-section of real patients with real symptoms being seen by real healthcare providers in a variety of settings. Each case features an anchoring video showing the initial provider-patient interaction. In addition, each case contains:


COVID has made clinical experiences a challenge. We have our students review ReelDx cases, then write SOAP notes and discuss the case in small groups with providers. The results have been good: watching the cases, students develop their own clinical mindset, and the platform allows our students to meet some of our learning outcomes as well as supplement their studies for the PAEA end of rotation exams.
Erin M. Fenzel, PA-C
Clinical Coordinator - Physician Assistant Studies - Ohio Dominican University
We have been using ReelDx since 2013. It has been great for helping students integrate live patients into their learning, giving them a picture of how patients present with certain diseases. ReelDx also uses experienced providers which give students a great example of how to take history questions and interact with patients.
Joy Cherry, M.Ed., BSEMS
Central New Mexico Community College
ReelDx offers our students interactivity and examples in applying clinical knowledge as we enhance our instructional design principles.
Betsy Weiner, PhD, RN
Senior Associate Dean - Vanderbilt University

Improve Teaching Outcomes With ReelDx

Bring Real Experience to Any Learning Environment

Cases can be used in person, online, in an LMS -- literally anywhere you engage your students you can add real patient experience.

Demonstrate Real World Applications in Any Class

Adding real-world situations to a theoretical or foundational course enables students to understand the importance and context of the concepts.

Enhance Simulated Clinical Activities

Assigning similar cases as preparation or reflection activities can help students gain the most from their simulation activities .

Enrich Students' Clinical Experiences

Students in clinical training only see what they happen to see. Video cases extend the breadth of cases students see, allow repeated viewings, and enable valuable "compare and contrast" activities.

ReelDx Institutional Plan​

With the ReelDx institutional plan, your school or organization can offer cohorts of students access to ReelDx’s HIPAA compliant medical video library to bringing real-world scenarios and patient stories more effectively into their classroom experience. 

Access to All Cases

Assign only the cases you choose. Access includes broadcast use – a license for use in lectures, web seminars, and LMS systems.

Student Subscriptions

Students can either buy from ReelDx directly (like a textbook), or we can license cohorts of students through our Institutional plan at a discounted price.

Control Student Experience

Enable cases for independent review by students and customize what information students have access to at any given time.

Customized Support

We offer personalized implementation webinars and help in matching course content with one of our on-staff medical education experts.

Schedule Your ReelDx Demo Now!

Our demos are informal and tailored to your needs. A member of the ReelDx team will work with you to learn more about your specific program needs and discuss how ReelDx may add value. We’ll present one or two sample real patient videos and talk through potential use cases for your program.