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ReelDx medical videos

Because the patient narrative is the most powerful voice in medical education

Improve student attention, retention and performance using real patient stories. We’ve captured hundreds of them in ReelDx’s HIPAA compliant medical videos for use in your courses.  Check out our free video library of sample cases here.

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Medical educators agree: ReelDx videos work!

ReelDx offers our students interactivity and examples in applying clinical knowledge as we enhance our instructional design principles.

Betsy Weiner, PhD, RN
Betsy Weiner, PhD, RN Senior Associate Dean at Vanderbilt

The real patient videos of ReelDx revolutionize my ability to recognize, treat and teach about patients with real clinical conditions.

Dr. Michael Kennedy-Hall
Dr. Michael Kennedy-Hall Emergency Medicine Physician

ReelDx provides a new and incredibly powerful tool for EMS training. These videos bring EMS providers right to the scene. It’s the closest way to experience a call without being there.

Scott Cravens
Scott Cravens EMT and Group Publisher, EMS World

ReelDx is perfect for medical students to learn about clinical conditions. Video is a valuable tool during our preparation for exams.

Dr. Nelson Arellano
Dr. Nelson Arellano Medical Doctor

Our catalog of more than 700 peer-reviewed, medical video cases feature real patient stories in real medical situations. These patient narratives, delivered effectively using medical video case vignettes include patient history, diagnoses, treatment outcomes and key clinical reasoning in more than 1,000 topics; are secure, easily accessible, and help students learn from practicing doctors, nurses and paramedics. And from the patients themselves.

Top medical educators in teaching hospitals, nursing, physician assistant, and EMS programs around the country use ReelDx medical videos to help students learn from real patient cases.

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Every patient narrative provides a powerful educational experience. And video is the most powerful form of communication we have. It is concise, engaging, efficient, and available to everyone.

ReelDx videos are stored and served by the medvid.io platform, which enables secure, HIPAA-compliant, asynchronous video capture, encoding and storage.

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