How It Works

ReelDx video cases are designed to integrate flexibly into any aspect of your instruction. Bring real world applications into your early theoretical classes. Enhance your simulations by providing case studies to prepare before or reinforce after. Provide repeatable “compare and contrast” resources to go hand in hand with clinical practicums.

Captured by Providers

Videos feature real patients in the ER, exam room, community clinics, pre-hospital, and developing world.

Extensive Video Case Library

1,000+ topics, cases also include vitals & demographics, differential diagnosis & patient workup, and more.

100% HIPAA Compliant

All videos are fully consented. HIPAA regulations are rigorously followed.

Peer Reviewed

Editorial comments guide teaching & probe for critical thinking.

Select ReelDx Customers

Top medical educators in teaching hospitals, nursing, physician assistant, and EMS programs around the country use ReelDx medical video cases to help students learn from real patient cases.


ReelDx provides a new and incredibly powerful tool for EMS training. These videos bring EMS providers right to the scene. It’s the closest way to experience a call without being there.

Scott Cravens
Scott Cravens EMT and Group Publisher - EMS World

Improve Teaching Outcomes with ReelDx

Bring Real Experience to Any Learning Environment

Cases can be used in person, online, in an LMS -- literally anywhere you engage your students you can add real patient experience.

Enhance Simulated Clinical Activities

Assigning similar cases as preparation or reflection activities can help students gain the most from their simulation activities .

Demonstrate Real World Applications in Any Class

Adding real-world situations to a theoretical or foundational course enables students to understand the importance and context of the concepts.

Enrich Students' Clinical Experiences

Students in clinical training only see what they happen to see. Video cases extend the breadth of cases students see, allow repeated viewings, and enable valuable "compare and contrast" activities.


ReelDx has partnered with organizations in the fields of nursing education, physician assistant program, and EMS training to create a more robust learning experience for students.