Bring Real World Experience Into the Classroom

The ReelDx video case library contains nearly 700 individual cases featuring a wide cross-section of real patients with real symptoms being seen by real healthcare providers in a variety of settings. Each case features an anchoring video showing the initial provider-patient interaction. In addition, each case contains:

  • Patient vitals & demographics
  • Differential diagnosis
  • Final diagnosis
  • Actual outcomes
  • Media showing diagnostic results, procedures, etc.
  • Links to further reading on standards of care
  • Key points & editorial notes

Make Any Aspect of Instruction More Impactful

ReelDx cases are used by educators for a wide variety of purposes. Cases can be assigned to students in early classes that focus on fundamentals and theory to show real world applications of abstract concepts. They can be used in conjunction with simulation activities as preparation or for post experience reflection and practice. ReelDx cases can enhance and extend students’ clinical practicums to provide a richer experience and opportunities for “compare and contrast.”

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ReelDx Institutional Plan

With the ReelDx institutional plan, your school or organization can offer cohorts of students access to ReelDx’s HIPAA-compliant medical video library to bringing real-world scenarios and patient stories more effectively into their classroom experience.

Access To All Cases

Assign only the cases you choose. Access includes broadcast use – a license for use in lectures, web seminars, and LMS systems.

Control Student Experience

Enable cases for independent review by students and customize what information students have access to at any given time.

Student Subscriptions

Students can either buy from ReelDx directly (like a textbook), or we can license cohorts of students through our Institutional plan at a discounted price.

Customized Support

We offer personalized implementation webinars and help in matching course content with one of our on-staff medical education experts.